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New Years… Same as we do every year… w/ the VanCrips.

Differences this year:

Worrying about Dad.

The boy, (Andrew), is growing freakishly big… I wager next year he’ll be looking us square in the eye and saying “happy new year!”

The whole bathroom upheaval… no… still not done yet… more on that later if I can summarize it all without blowing the blood vessels in my eyes.

sorry – gotta go poop.

existential breakthrough

o.k.o.k.o.k.o.k.o.k. – !!@#$!@$!

Umm.. there’s a pic from Jon’s show I said I was going to post, mmm..ummm…. 2 weeks ago? His work’s evolved another click – it’s cool stuff.

I’m never going to bitch about having too much to do again:
Playing co-pilot for 2.0 through his cancer therapies…
Disengaged the chaos vortex generator in pop’s basement… (I still suspect he’s got another hidden somewhere.)
Attempting to keep freelance income flowing.

This has solidified a notion though:

the only thing we really *have* to do with our lives is die….

…. everything else is procrastination.

choose wisely.


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commentary: Did the Memorial Day BBQ thing… Rico was over… Elise came by and hung out… the new bonus variable was our periphery friend Jack… *Is “periphery” the right word? We’ve known him for years – but our socializing was usually limited to either the bar or concerts.

Anyway we broke the four-year-long “we need to get together and hang out” sometime last month and had him over for the first time.

Great company… Jack edits textbooks for a living…. *he’s as brainy as that sounds…. Dry as the Sahara and cute as a bug’s butt.

Had more nice times over the weekend – but was a slacker and didn’t document anything. (head still up ass with work and bandwidth compromised). I’ll dig around my phone later.