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worth it

“Oh yeah? Name me 10 reasons love isn’t worth it.”
One of many FaceTime therapy sessions with cubby late last year … A semi debate? Regarding the concept of Love. It was right around the time my personal life de-rezed – (by my own hands no less) – in the name of “Love”…. which.. turned out to be bullshit). Despite this I was still defending the the “concept” of Love…This lead to the eventual “oh yeah? tell me 10 reasons love isn’t worth it”…

I had forgotten I captured this conversation… Totally timely I’d run across the clip today…

I agree with every point – where we differ lays in “is it worth it”… I don’t know anymore. I suspect the answer lies somewhere between my sardonic young friend and the pathetic prey I was before being taken down.

I told him he was being recorded so in 15 years we can reconvene watch it and answer the question then.

One us will be buying beers that night.