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worth it

“Oh yeah? Name me 10 reasons love isn’t worth it.”
One of many FaceTime therapy sessions with cubby late last year … A semi debate? Regarding the concept of Love. It was right around the time my personal life de-rezed – (by my own hands no less) – in the name of “Love”…. which.. turned out to be bullshit). Despite this I was still defending the the “concept” of Love…This lead to the eventual “oh yeah? tell me 10 reasons love isn’t worth it”…

I had forgotten I captured this conversation… Totally timely I’d run across the clip today…

I agree with every point – where we differ lays in “is it worth it”… I don’t know anymore. I suspect the answer lies somewhere between my sardonic young friend and the pathetic prey I was before being taken down.

I told him he was being recorded so in 15 years we can reconvene watch it and answer the question then.

One us will be buying beers that night.


The drive down to Ft. Meyers from Tampa is not as painful as it is boring.

The most interesting bit is this huge bridge that stretches up from an elevated highway over a bay. It’s a buck to get across – which I guess is reasonable considering the photo-ops.

I didn’t burn any discs for the trip and the rental Chevy didn’t have a jack for the laptop – so I was confined to commercial radio for the two hour schlep.

The angry white-boy rap / metal stuff, formula urban hip-hoppy and the two, (yes TWO) Evangelical Christian stations in this market weren’t doing anything for me….

Now granted, it’s been a long time since I’ve really tried to tune in and listen to what’s in the air….. but I was a little tickled,… then completely mortified that the only palatable thing on the airwaves was the “Easy Listening” station.

I proceeded to fling myself south at seventy miles an hour and ROCK OUT with the softest hits of the seventies… and… enjoyed myself.

I’m not blogging – I’m looking for my old Air Supply records.