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rotten bastard

Yesterday was a series of conscious episodes between very deep sleep. I think I was awake for like a total of 2 hours of daylight – long enough to field some client calls, take more aspirin and go back to bed.

I was up long enough to hear a bizarre scratching and rocking noise. At first I thought it was the decongestants until I saw something out of the corner of my eye out the window.

The chubby squirrels outside are doing their freak out – pig out thing for the fall.

I had my camera handy….

And with the three-click miracle of iMoive, even a sedated monkeybear can quickly put together a clip the likes of which Bob Saggat would narrate.

All of which to not blog about.

click to play quicktime movie


testing shoot

Yesterday morning was laid back and easy. I overcame (most) of my caffeine withdrawal jitters by running resolution tests between my camera and Glass’.

We were out and about by noon, first stopping by a great little pop-culture depository which calls itself a record store. The shop had a rather comprehensive designer toy section and a eclectic books section leaning heavy toward graphic design.

We got our shop on and then headed across the street to a new restaurant called “Pot Luck” – which seems to be a front for a catering operation. The food was delightful. A little shi-shi but not over the top.

Headed downtown and got to run around Contemporary Arts Center for a good hour and some change. The current special-ex is called“Beautiful Loosers”, a great show of “street art”. I didn’t know wheater to drool on the exhibit or the nice architecture.

Somewhere during the day – Glass got a call from a friend who works at the hipster video post-production house in town. They were looking for someone to be in a music video they’re working on who closely resembles an old haggard bum.

Glass graciously, and without taking offense, said he’d love to stop by so they could do some camera tests.

The production joint was one of those super wigged out, architect’s wet-dream projects, “fuck you look how much money we have” places I hadn’t seen the likes of since the 90′s in St. Louis. (*they’ve all since gone bankrupt in our town and have closed).

Despite the oppressive show of cool – I still couldn’t help but drool on the poured concrete industrial spankness of it all,… and kept my envious grumbling to a simple: “It’s nice to be bankrolled”

Glass got into “costume”, which meant slipping into the outfits he had pulled from his closet to bring along. They handed him a sandwich board to put on, later to be animated with changing symbolic messages, and took the test shots infront of a chroma-key green background.

Here’s the real tickler… The band the video is for is Bad Religon…. One of my favorite bands. (They were the hard fare on the otherwise melancholy Morrissey and faggy syth-pop music menu of my college-daze).

The coincidence was somewhat freaky.

We retired back to Chez-Glass for dinner: Cincinnati chili over spaghetti toped with Cheddar. *I packed my cholesterol pills.

The busy day had left us pooped and me feeling unworthy of Glass’ cool-factor. He tends to do that to me, but I can usually shake the creeping feelings of insecurity by reminding myself that he likes us right back.

In twenty four hours we have nearly eaten his entire kitchen stores and have trashed this once super-clean, if not a little anal, beautiful home.

Can’t blog – I’m going to clean up some before he gets up.

watch the video

watch the video


The CO2 Schnark

Yesterday was a complete dink-with-software day.

Quicken needed an enema, I’ve been using the same chart of accounts since 99… so the better part of the afternoon was spent syncing up statements and credit cards and tediously categorizing things line by line.

We’re between Netflix titles to we had to give ourselves a project to occupy ourselves.

Our latest puzzler:
“What do you call it when you pour a soda into a deep glass and breathe in just before taking that first sip – resulting in the “phewwie” from the C02 trapped in the glass?”

We’ve named it “C02 Schnarking” – but wondered if anyone else had bothered to notice this phenomena, let alone name it. I believe it was Kevin that said: “That sounds like an excellent question for the folks who read the blog you don’t have”.

“egggggggggggcelllent… But we’ll need a demonstration video.”

Well.. I’ve got this little Sony camera that will make movies… A brand new laptop with bells and whistles on it and a couple of video classes back in college under my belt… why not?

The REST OF THE EVENING was spent futzing with this.

Apparently Sony cameras create an MPEG-1 “muxed” file which iMovie and Quicktime don’t particularly like. Thanks to Google, I found this guy’s Blog Entry which outlined the cumberfuck process to separate the audio and video tracks, convert, and re-marry the file into an format iMovie will like. It involved three programs (one running in Classic). If anyone knows of an OSX Audio converter which will convert a .mpa to a AIFF – please link me up.

It’s been about a decade since I futzed around with non-linear editing programs. – and I have to say iMovie is pretty damn cool for ease of use. My previous exposure to a old monster called “Media-100” was enough to get me around in iMovie with only having to launch HELP once.

So… I got familiar with a new program AND was able to create multi-media content for that blog thing you all seem to think I have. Fun night.
*about 2MB and some change… you’ll need Quicktime if you don’t already have it.

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Australian Commercials Rock

It’s no secret… Sex sells.

Put a voluptuous double-D cup blonde on your ad and you’re get the guys reaching into their wallets before you know it.

Put a hairy pot-bellied man on your ad and you’ll get gay bears trading the video file before you know it.

I suddenly want to buy a metal roof for our home.. I wonder why…. (click here)

I’m not blogging, I’m helping the fine folks at Colorbond sell roofs.