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friday-night highjinx

Ever wonder what happens to your stuff you forget and leave behind after you visit?

well.. if we like you.

I mean..

reeealy… reeeeeeeeally like you.

we’ll do stuff to make you come back.

…. yes you.

you’re due….

and there’s 3 bears and a goldilocks missing you terribly right this minute.

I’m afraid you’re going to have to come back on your own free will and leave some more stuff for our spells to work. (we need a lock of pubic hair and some toenail clippings).

kitty prime

I’ve talked about Kitty before haven’t I?

No.. not Pi, Knotty and Kong (Loki).

It’s all that damn Pixar movie’s fault where the little girl calls after the blue monster played by Tom ArnoldJohn Goodman and exclaims “KITTY!” It’s probably still the funniest part of that movie to us – when we first saw it – we had to replay it countless times and literally fell of the sofa in laughter….

mmm.. good stuff.

anyway… Prefect example of a movie-reference pulled out of context and re-inserted into daily language:

Ever since we tend to call anything that’s cute “kitty”.

Fluffy rabbits…
Dad’s cockatiel…
Hirsute meat-eating men…
Gen-(?) 20-somethings

Joshua originally started out as a friend-in-law through one of Kevin’s projects friends.

When there was an opening up at RestorationSTL (back when Kevin was still working there with me) he set up an interview for him to come in.

He got the job and has been there since.

So I’ve gotten to know him as first a friend-in-law… then a co-worker / boss’ henchman… then as work teammate… and now as what I’d consider a truly admired friend.

Josh is an enigma… he’s got the mystery-man gig down way better than I ever did when I was his age…
He likes fast cars, fast macs and fast boys…. Think a less prickish Brian Kenny from the Queer As Folk serial.

“Is he Amy GIll’s assistant or some kind of secret agent?”

“I heard he works for the N.S.A.”


All things you could probably hear out in public just out of his ear-shot.

So… Joshua… (or Talan as he goes by in cyber and club-space) – will always be Kitty (kitty-prime) to me. 🙂

Have to remind myself about one of the more important functions of this blog: To record notes / sketches of the people that touch my life…. it helps too since he was just over on the weekend and hung out with us for a spell and I could nab a quick candid photo while we sat around talking about German cars, Adobe Flash applications and OLED interfaces.

The 20-Something Identification Guide
A. Out-of-Register (on purpose so you have to wear is sideways) silk-screen hat
B. Cool unconventional screened T’s
C: MULTIPLE Blueberry / Raspberry / Boysenberry whateverthehellyoucallthosethings.
D: Cruelly thin

bathroom 11

The very last of the tile gets stuck on to the wall today…

I’ve learned how to, and have personally hung a good third to half of the tile in the bathroom.

Discovered Kevin’s got a knack for cutting tiles.

Together – we’ve been able to really help move things along – otherwise our handyman guy would be here till May still wrestling with these damn pissy ass tiles.

Chad’s also proved himself to be a good wood sander / stainer / polyurethaner.

The glass company came out yesterday to measure for the shower partition… another is coming out tomorrow. (I’m getting two bids…. although it may be a no-brainer since the first company said they’d give me a designer discount… *ching*)

Window allegedly shipped, via glacier, from New York today – will be here on Tuesday of next week. (?)

Can’t order lockers till I catch up financially.

Getting another sheet of plywood and finishing, (more for Chad! – but another day or two of labor and waiting) – this will go into the “wonky angular space above the sink” – *thanks for the recommendation mark_monroe!!!

The lack of regular bathing and grooming is starting to really make me look like a unibomber.

bathroom 10

I pooped.

a lot.

yeah… *blush* – it’s a stark 3…. I think this qualifies as as super gay.


Ideas for and techniques for squatting in public toilets:

in office buildings:
Always keep your briefcase with you… maybe even a clipboard, (somehow they still convey an air of purpose even in the 21st Century). Proceed directly to the bathroom on that floor without making eye contact with anyone… If you must ask someone where the bathroom is – continuously look at your watch or fidget with your cell phone to imply you’re late for an appointment.

in restaurants:
Walk in and look around like you lost your dog… When greeted by the hostess, (don’t make eye contact – continue looking around helplessly) – tell him/her that you’re supposed to meet a group of friends for (insert appropriate meal here)…. pause for a moment – long enough for the host / hostess to start offering suggestions like ordering a drink or getting a table – but cut them off with a sigh and asking where their restroom is…. go do your thing – once out – return to the front of the restaurant and look around (more) nervously… place your cell phone to your head and proceed to have a conversation, with no-one, about being at the meeting place and nobody being there yet… Act like you’re having trouble hearing by placing your free hand over your free ear… Do this and head for the door… Once outside – get in your car and go.

in gas stations:
pretty much don’t need to put on airs… but if your karma is fragile – buy a Slushie on your way out.