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I’m going to take this week and clear out the folder I keep on my laptop labeled “blog hold”… It’s full of pics and stuff that I’ve wanted to share with you over the past year, but for whatever reason pack-ratted the content away instead.

Like this clipping from the local suburban newspaper with its front-page story about the new “Homeland Security” program available for high-school-aged tech-school students…

The program teaches them about the various threats from terrorists attack like nuclear and chemical weapons… as well as how to spot trouble in their community… you know… because renegade, radical Islamist terror cells *could* be operating in suburban Saint Louis,…. … .. . MISSOURI.

I wonder what else they’re training these kids to be on the “look-out” for… (not flushed-out in the article).

but shhhish… I”m just being paranoid I’m sure.

So here’s the clipping… showing a young, blonde haired, blue-eyed participant in the program in front of a county cruiser…. Wearing his uniform… comprised of a brown shirt and a black tie….

what was that about paranoid?

what was that about me babbling endlessly?

PS: I’m fairly certain I can hear my granddad rolling in his grave from here.

kick’em while they’re down

I just stumbled upon a news article (link no longer available) while eating my lunch about the stink over the Marine’s Toys for Tots not accepting a donation of 4000 new-testament sound-byte spewing plastic Jesus dolls.

I’ll betcha a blowjob that the well organized evangelical influence and intimidation machine is already sending nastygrams to Toys For Tots.

I don’t know if I’m just subconsciously picking up on the cultural and karmic lash back that’s underway against the “Christian Right”… – but I felt COMPELLED to take a moment and pen a supportive note to the organization.

Yeah -it’s contrary to that “aww-who the hell cares – just ignore them and the freaks will go away” mentality I *like* to pretend to project.

I dunno – It just occurred to me that if these fundie groups have armies of volunteers that do nothing but write angry, righteously disapproving letters to radio stations, organizations, etc. – I think it’s *our* job as rational moderate humanists to chime in occasionally too..

or…maybe I just got a shit disturbing hair up my ass this afternoon…

so – if you’re in my headspace – take 10 seconds and drop a note to questions@TFTToyExpress.com and let them know their public stand for religious neutrality is appreciated.


Dear TFT:

Because I know you will (or are) receiving a deluge of email from angry evangelical Christians:

I just read the CNN story about your organization’s recent turn down of 4,000 one-foot tall Jesus dolls – and APPLAUD your decision. *for all of the RATIONAL reasons you cited in the interview.

This sort of enlightened sensitivity seems to be in short supply these days.

Thank you for your hard work and making the HOLIDAY SEASON a little more special for ALL Children in need…


Jim Corbett
St. Louis, MO


i questioned free speech


Well.. how about a big ole love day with a hate chaser huh?

What’s the line between “free speech” and “responsible speech”?

Could I get away with a billboard with a head-shot of a Hassidic Jew on it with a big quote that says “I questioned Judaism” with an URL link on it linking you to a “ministry” set up for converting Jews to Christianity?

Mass media influences… people make a living doing it… you can even major in it in college like I did. Anyone in the field will tell you that the bulk of our fine population tends not to engage in critical thought and tend to believe anything if they’re told it enough. (*see recent history with the manipulation and media tailoring which was crafted to support our country going to war.)

here’s a sobering real-life example:
Our friend Julie called us months back distraught over an argument she was having with her boyfriend… (who…. is not an evangelical Christian nor an extreme conservative)… He was firmly under the opinion that Homosexuality was a choice… And speaking to three of us on the phone wasn’t really good enough to sway his opinion either. *Where* did he arrive at this deduction?

So… While you’re free to hold predatory religious seminars to “heal” homosexuals,… should you be allowed to make your case and solicit in mass media channels? The very solicitation creates a false validity in the eyes of “the masses” driving down the highway.

The core issue is a stalemate. I would have no more luck trying to change the minds of the exodus.to people than they would getting me to stop being attracted to big hairy men…. so it boils down to an issue of *in good taste* on behalf of the display company.

I suppose the highroad would be to say “yes… it IS their right to say *whatever* they want.”

So… Should we all sit back and cruise down that high road while these subversive agendas unfold…. gradually distorting public opinion? In say ten years the forced federal “Homosexual Reprograming Camps” wouldn’t seem so bad… You know… Because they all chose that lifestyle anyway – probably as a result of bad parenting or their mother’s did drugs during pregnancy or something.”

So.. Freedom of speech? Right to say whatever? Fine… It’s also my right to fire off an email to the billboard company and let them know that because of their poor judgment to place such a culturally divisive ad;— I nor any of my industry colleagues will consider them for any projects.”

Funny how the foundation of that grand temple of morality erodes via cash flow.

All that we have left is resistance… and… like our very vocal enemies on the right….. *we* need to start making noise and snap ourselves from the complacence we’ve all been in for the past decade or two. Else all the gains made by our parent’s generation will be lost and I’ll be seeing you all at the camps….

Take a moment… and a letter, maria… to let these folks know what your thoughts about free and responsible speech are. Contacts are here behind the cut

and jingo was his name-o

so – if the entire manufacturing “class” of Amercia looses their jobs because of companies creating their goods overseas in the orient, or now Central America, thanks to CAFTA, – how are members of said class going to be able to afford jingoistic bullshit to stick on their cars?

if a monkey pecked at a computer and talked about mindless stuff and posed rhetorical questions – would it be a blog?