the social network

Crawling out of a two year hermit mode.

FaceBook got on my shitlist there for a while and I put it in timeout. I knew it all along but only recently came to accept that holding an entity in contempt is really silly…. Wasn’t it a line from Family Guy?

“… and remember kids! Guns don’t kill people, dangerous minorities do!”
“Remember kids… FaceBook doesn’t destroy relationships… Emotional vampires, narcissists, predators and the emotionally immature do!”

I’ve gotten pretty decent at crafting my own reality – my virtuality shouldn’t be any different right? … well… in theory.

So I turned FB back on… and now trying to figure out the rest of these damn social networking sites I’m half-ass on all fit together.

Thinking too much? – yup… This is the kinda crap that wakes me up in the morning over coffee.

Not represented in the working diagram is LiveJournal – which I don’t want to get rid of because it’s great for discussion… But not everything I throw into here needs, warrants or welcomes commentary.

Discussion on WordPress seems to just get me dozens of Russian Spam comments daily – so I’ve globally disabled commenting on there.

Still don’t really know what to do about Tumblr…. All the cool kids are doing it… but…

I’ve never been one of the cool kids….

just one of the strange ones.