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commentary = wooah… not sure what was wrong with me. We got home last night from taking my mom to dinner and I got this nasty headache and got really tired and weak-feeling… maybe a tad dizzy (?) – … I took a couple of aspirin and went to bed around 10pm…

Got up at my normal 6:30 and still felt pretty much the same way… went through the morning motions – all the way to getting dressed and packed and sat here with my keys in my hand to no avail…. so I called the day off and crawled back into bed…

FOUR HOURS LATER… I’d wake back up… Feel much better… I’d say normal – aside from the natural grogginess that would accompany sleeping for fourteen hours…. what the hell’s the matter with me.

Kevin said: “You’re working like a madman and you’re not in your 20’s anymore…. welcome to the back-end of of your 30’s”

… so then I threw a chair at him.