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commentary = wooah… not sure what was wrong with me. We got home last night from taking my mom to dinner and I got this nasty headache and got really tired and weak-feeling… maybe a tad dizzy (?) – … I took a couple of aspirin and went to bed around 10pm…

Got up at my normal 6:30 and still felt pretty much the same way… went through the morning motions – all the way to getting dressed and packed and sat here with my keys in my hand to no avail…. so I called the day off and crawled back into bed…

FOUR HOURS LATER… I’d wake back up… Feel much better… I’d say normal – aside from the natural grogginess that would accompany sleeping for fourteen hours…. what the hell’s the matter with me.

Kevin said: “You’re working like a madman and you’re not in your 20’s anymore…. welcome to the back-end of of your 30’s”

… so then I threw a chair at him.

#2 guard


I’m detecting a grooming theme coming on..

Yesterday was my day on… Spent the better part of the day bouncing between clients and wrapped up by browsing the used game store, (picked up Blix for Xbox and Ratchet and Clank v1 for PS2). Also camped out at Panerra and slurped a few of those ice-chai thingie ma-bobs and leeched on their wireless network for a while.

The guys cut their hair… It used to be a family activity – a fun one that.. (in that primate, sit under a rainforest canopy and pick the parasites from your loved ones sorta way).

It was on Danny’s last visit that it came out… which, of course, caused one of my trademark neurotic spirals into an insecure freak-out.

“you look better with hair”


“you look better with hair… buzzcuts look odd on you because of the shape of your head”

*I’d been close buzzing my head for damn near 5 years – and only went to a more grown-out, “styled” cut last year.

“Well why in the fuck didn’t you guys say something before? – you know – like four years ago?”

Expecting an answer to this question is about as unreasonable as getting bent out of shape about the honest declaration in the first place.

Nonetheless – I miss the group haircut…. Damn my misshapen noggin.

Its easier to deny blogging that it is being a completely insecure basket-case at times.


Kevin sneaking with my camera again

Danny came by the house yesterday and cut my hair. It’s been over a month since last he groomed my mop.

He’s still dealing with some serious pain from his surgery and he’s modified his work schedule accordingly. (I’ll think twice about bitching about how a lack of portable computer is effecting my workstyle).

I’m ill equipped to deal with friends who are in pain. Oh sure, I can do the happy-go lucky cheer-em-up routine – but inside I’m twisting my internal organs into a ball worrying about them.

He snipped away and we chatted about all sorts of things including his present husband hunt.

He wondered if he ran an ad reading “Aging Ex-Drag Queen Hairdresser, some surgical scarring, big dick, top – seeks life partner” would work.

I cleaned up the coffee that sprayed outa my nose and told him he’d definitely get points for honesty.

What he forgot to add to that description was: Warm, loving, compassionate and the type of person who makes friends for life.

I did my reciprocal tutoring on his iBook and we snarfed a gyro salad down before sending him on his way and me back to my hole in the back of the house to try and get some more work done.

If I had a blog – I’d be half tempted to try and play rent-a-yenta and offer up this fine specimen of potential husbandry. (email me if you want his AOL Addy). 😉

hairdresser on fire

getting yelled at for fidgeting

Box arranging yesterday and fiddle-futzing with the house network. DSL still doesn’t seem to be turned on – but Kev’s got all of the machines talking to the airport hub now. Well – sorta – my machine won’t talk to the USB Color Printer. (grumble)

Upgraded all of the machines to Panther… F9 is worth the price of the upgrade.

Danny called that afternoon, probably getting my “I feel so haggard” hints in recent non-blog entries – and said he’s recovered enough to cut some hair….

Well – he didn’t need to twist my arm… We picked Chad up from work and headed over to his place.

“Group Haircut Love for All!”


It’s really amazing if you think about it… Hairdressers wield so much power. (Yes, I’m tipping my hat to Morrissey)… But seriously, what would take hundreds of dollars and countless trips to a therapist to make you feel better about yourself, your hairdresser can do for thirty bucks and thirty minutes.

We left Danny’s and I felt like a new monkey.

*I did have a residual complex because he noted that my gray hair has apparently tripled since he cut my hair last in December….

But I’ll save that ball of neurotic fretting for another day – and I’ll sure as hell not blog about it.