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Worked… (surprise).

Stopped by Daniel’s house after work to set ISPQ up for him on his new laptop and perform a backup… He gets on-call, on-site tech support for his Mac… anytime… anywhere…. I haven’t paid for a haircut in years… it’s a nice arrangement.

Yet another person around me got one of those new black iBooks. (I bought one for Kevin a little earlier this year – he loves his.)

It’d be great if I can get just one more year out of my PB before retiring it.


I think I said that last year too.

The next big purchase is going to be one of *these*. (It’s a very cool toy for data-pack rats.


Click here for a larger version of the above picture.


wow… I guess it *was* all about 80’s blinds effects last week.

We’ve got this bamboo plant that fat-chick-sings gave us years ago, (I believe as a house-warming gift) – that’s survived moves, broken containers, hungry cats…

It hasn’t just survived – it’s flourished… It’s more that twice it’s original size…

We took a cutting of it and gave some to Danny with his house warming gift… coincidental since Jeanette asked about how he was doing and told us to say hello for her…. funny how stuff like that works out.

We made it down in one piece… I’m sitting in a partially constructed outdoor lobby drinking coffee and eating something called “Coco Bread” – which could be explained as a dense white hamburger bun… (it’s a traditional breakfast-type thing here like we’d eat a bagel back home).

Waiting on our Cayman folks to meet me to go over the stuff to shoot this week.


*dial tone*

born again abode

We broke our sunday-shut-in tendencies and went to Daniel and still fairly fresh beau Drew’s new house…..

The visit was framed by this acute Discovery-Channel remodeling show vibe….

We’d been to this house before… about two years and sixty some odd thousand dollars ago when it belonged to .

Someone bought the house from Neel when he moved to California… poured a poop-load of cash and effort into it… and then turned around and sold it to D&D.

It’s a different house….

“Too Nice” by our standards we decided driving home… Daniel lucked out with Drew who’s super-human neat and organized… Their home was a photo set waiting to happen for Better Homes and Gardens… EVERYTHING had it’s place…. and everything was “just so” with not a shred of clutter anywhere… All done with such precision and taste it’d make any career interior designer blush with inadequacy.

Dinner was comprised of a pork roast, veggies and trademark funny “Danny Stories”. At the risk of sounding like an old hen… it was all just so lovely.

We had lots of fun and funny memories in the house’s previous life… We’re looking forward to making more in the home’s second rev.


*dial tone*

luck and a truck

We started to notice this a couple of months ago… The suburban Amish lifestyle of one-car was rapidly not working because of my new work arrangement.

Luckily, Daniel was looking to sell his auxiliary vehicle for only the balance of his loan just to get out from the extra payment.

The guys dropped hints for a few weeks… “Gosh – If we had a little truck we could go get mulch at the community center”… “Gosh if we had a little truck…”

So… despite my pledge to never buy another gasoline powered vehicle – but realizing sometimes a good deal can trump idealism… I gave Danny a call.

We’re now the owners of a blue 2002 GMC Sonoma truck.. (photos forthcoming)…

I drove it once… to take it to the credit union so we could close the deal…

Hopefully that will be the last.. I just don’t like trucks.. but Kevin and Chad love it so much they’ve already adorned it with stickers and fuzzy dice.

Nonetheless – Chad can get to and from work without me having to leave work to go get him…. Kevin can get landscaping supplies without trashing the inside of the VW…

And I can go about the weird adaptation process of “going” somewhere every morning for work… and not blogging.