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Went to Girl Talk last night at The Pageant.

Since Kev isn’t a fan of crowds – or the mashup / electronica / trancy-pants genre for that matter – we parked him at JJ’s and headed off.

Chad, Elise, Kitty-Prime and Rico… Nice dinner at Miss Siagon before hand then off to the show.

We were easily in the top oldest 20% of the crowd,… but this didn’t seem to make any of us “feel” old or out of place really… Maybe if we were there against our wills or something we’d feel out of place…

… so maybe we could get a whole nostalgic angle out of the show that these kids weren’t?

“Hey sonny – ya hear that loop there in the background? Jah hear it?

Catchy ain’t it? Well dag-nab it – I remember when that song was new! Ye-sirrrr-e! From a little act called Depeche Mode… I had ever imaginable mix of this on C.D. single!


No… Not “seedy” as in cheap marijuana …. Ceeeee.Deeeeee…. A piece of plastic with a pitted foil encased within in used to play uncompressed music.”


Anyway – so I was wondering how a guy and a laptop would be enough of a “spectacle” to warrant the purchase of a ticket let alone leaving the house. Well I found out…

They just open the whole damn place up and you can go up on stage… Brilliant… Crowdcast your own entertainment. Every freaky-deak, extravert and hot girl was up there dancing their fannies off… Girl with a unicorn hat on… One of those naked-guys in a primary-colored nylon head -to-toe suit things… and so on.

I love how fashion in general is a complete free-for-all now….

The two girls running around with the toilet paper guns fashioned from electric leaf blowers was a nice touch too.

Grandpa’s feet are killin him though… gotta go put ’em up.

a cuban frittata

Scored some cheep 9th row center tickets and a back-stage tour of The Lion King via work

The Fox never ceases to titilate me… I’d love to get in there one day with a good camera and a tripod.

Last night I had the cheapo Panasonic snapshooter from work with me… It’s stealthy… (providing you hold your hand over the rear screen).

I’m digging taking compulsory shots with shitty cameras… The images “feel” more like memories – at least how I perceive them… haunting… kinda fuzzy… more like an impression than an exact record…. (*unlike pictures where I’m *trying* to make an image… which I feel wind up so…….. constructed looking… so much like work).

/babble I should gotten through in college

right.. where was I – yeah… The Lion King…

I hadn’t seen the movie…. – so I went into it totally green.

We enjoyed it… *despite the formula-feeling story and that MouseCO sheen from being commercialized to death… 35 bucks for a mechanically reproduced t-shirt? Come the fuck on now.. you’re just being piggy at this point. Shame – I really like the show’s logo.

The production design knocked my socks off…. Profoundly inspired stuff.

Glad I finally got to see the whole spectacle after hearing about it for years.

a.s.s. on friday

I found out finally what the guys had up their sleeves for Valentine’s Day…. They had just kept saying all week: “keep Friday night open”.

Attached to the designer hyper dark chocolate bars Chad gave me was a print out of our ticket confirmation number to see The Asylum Street Spankers.

I found one of their CDs back in 97′ on a “staff-pics” kiosk at the old Library Limited.

I was digging another retro (honky-tonk eh… blues?… no.. folksie jazz,,… urmm zydeco?… that’s not right either) band at the time called The Squirrel Nut Zippers.

The disc was great and became one of my adored “odd” CDs…. but that was it… I’m not in music circles… don’t stay on top of concerts, etc… (This was all B.C. – before chad). So the disc and my interest in the band sat on the shelf for the better part of a decade..

Sometime within the last six months, I had A.S.S. on the mind again since someone here in LiveJournal posted a video from them. (I didn’t even know they were still together).

This is the video on YouTube: “Stick Magnetic Ribbons on Your SUV.”

These guys are the rowdy, drunken, stonner cousins of The Squirrel Nut Zippers.

The concert was at this tiny place called Off Broadway… (which has been running for decades and I’m just now discovering it)… Don’t know the exact history of the building – it struck me like it was a Victorian era stable or something… Regardless – it has to be one of the best venues in STL. (at least now since Mississippi Nights is gone).

And now after seeing live A.S.S. – they’ve moved up from occasional eclectic delicacy to that short and oddly mixed list of “favorite bands” which includes incongruous acts like Bad Relgion, Duran Duran, Erasure and The Smiths.

(My dream concert festival would cause space-time ruptures).


It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen… We had a blast.

I still can’t stop babbling about it.

psb in stl… wtf

What a nice way to kick off celebrating the ole once-more-around-the-sun celebration.

You know that list in your brain of things that you doubt you’ll ever see or experience?

I had pretty much written off the idea of ever seeing The Pet Shop Boys live… It’s commonly understood they seldom tour – and even more seldom come to the US.

So what strange series of cosmic events brought them on a limited date tour to…. Saint Louis. !?!?!?!

HUH? What?!?!?!

Part of the holy trinity of 80’s Faggy Syth Pop… (Erasure, The Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode)…

I’ve now experienced two of them live – and providing David Gahn’s heroin abstinence holds – there’s a good chance the ole DM will have a reunion concert *sometime* before my last trip around the sun comes.

The concert was nice… The set design was sublime… of course.

Energy on stage was predictably tame… but the audience was somewhat tame as well – *but very receptive and loving… Guess that’s understandable since the core audience was mostly in their 30’s and early 40’s… still that didn’t stop Elise from dancing for the whole show.

(*insert clever serial ending here*)