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can I get a motherfuckin’ ah-men

Always nice on the intentionally rare occasion that I spit, piss and rant in this blog, (the one I don’t have) – and ya’ll come back with the “here-here’s” and “right-ons”… It makes me feel like I’m not completely alone, sitting here with my little box of piss-offs.

bleepkeeper emailed me this file because apparently it’s source website is down…

This is just too damn funny… and PAINFULLY right on the mark… it must be shared.

It’s from some comedian by the name of David Cross. (never hear of him before (we live under a rock) – but now I must run to the store and buy his stuff).

And rejoice – you and I are not alone -and someone with a bigger voice is sounding off. Now, suddenly I’m proud to be an American… Because this guy hasn’t been thrown in prison… urr.. well.. yet.