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We’re keeping the old camera… it’s a nice back up and now Chad will have his own to grab whenever the itch to make Chandids hits him.

Soooo.. I made a new camera source icon.



*dial tone*

Øc, 10m, 100y, Øk

alright – so what I was carrying on about was how some colors have developed meaning within our immediate (consumer) culture without anyone “officially” saying that this that or the other color equals “whatever”.

There’s no master guide which says yellow-orange usually means antibacterial and green usually means Diesel.. (*or in the case of food: “Fat Free”).

If you see a portable electronic device and it’s yellow with black writing – you automatically assume it’s shock and weather resistant.

I guess you could argue that this is all a form of marketing design copy-catting based on a successful original… For example the Sports Walkman from Sony…. or the Green packaging of the SnackWells brand.

But that wouldn’t apply to the use of green for diesel pumps or why handicap signage is always blue.


so maybe “origin” of the meaning isn’t as important as the meaning itself… color as a substitute for language… Some of it strikes me as regional: I’m sure green food packaging in Asia doesn’t imply reduced fat as it does here…. Others like “sports colors” for electronics seems more global.

What’s so interesting to me is that there’s no dictionary… No codex….

It’s all implied.


*dial tone*