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Was up and out early. Yesterday was my Wednesday on and Kevin’s off.- a new concept to deal with since we don’t have an office now..

Fortunately the nice folks at Apple turned around the repair on the Powerbook quickly. I’ve got a brand new screen and battery… (Suddenly the $300 I popped for the Apple Care Plan doesn’t seem like such a rip off anymore).

I packed up my bags and headed to the ballroom/event center client to camp out and work. They’ve got wireless for the restaurant so I could pretty much wander the entire HUGE space and stay connected.

They’re still mid-office move and while waiting for the construction of their offices in the the bowels of the building to get finished – they’ve rigged a temporary workspace in one of the meeting rooms.

I parked myself at the corner of the owner’s desk for most of the day – which was a little odd. She loved the idea of her pet art director being within smacking distance.

It’s been a long time since I worked in a “work environment”. It was fun to hear the HR director (seated behind me), cackle with the accounting lady who I really should have spent more time kissing up to since she’s the one who processes our invoices.

Their sales staff is comprised of a young 20-something blond woman, a rather swishy early 40-something man and a sexually ambiguous (metrosexual) 30-something “doode”.

The blond loved my shoes.
The 30-something ran around and acted distracted and cordially professional.
The swishy one acted nervous every time he got around me and avoided eye contact.

I don’t think I’m that intimidating… Although I looked in a mirror and the stress of late is written all over my face. Combine that with about 10lbs I’ve gained back, with the fact that Danny’s surgical recovery has gone longer than expected and I’ve not had a haircut since before Christmas…

Well – I guess I do look a little haggard and spooky right now.

It’s not like I’m blogging my life or anything so none of you will ever know just how run down I’ve made myself.

so bah-ha.