grip and grin


Ah yes, the first day after a long weekend. Phone hasn’t rang once.

I got my first excuse to use the new camera for something “income generating” last week: Corporate-Style photos of one of my client’s employees.

Yes, I know I’m taking food off the table of the hard working men and women’s table who are part of the Sears Portrait Hack Legion – but I can justify my trespasses by remembering that photography was indeed my major in college.

Really what it boils down to was the company’s CEO, (a ruthlessly penny-pinching, bullying, corporate, power lesbian), figured she could save a few hundred dollars if they called in the designer with his fancy new digital camera.

I’ve been dubbed the company’s “pet art-fag” and have developed a wonderful, casual rapport with the employees. (Relax any of you thinking that they’re horrible for nick-naming me this – the company is gay owned and 80% of their employees are gay and lesbian).

I spent a couple of hours doing the necessary “grip-and-grin” shots for use on their website, but not without toying with each person and snapping off a few extra shots for myself. “Diesel” shown above is one of my favorite employees there.

I remembered how much I enjoy being behind the camera before I essentially abandoned the craft to pursue my career as a designer.

I promised myself that sad day when we hawked my Nikon F4 that I would revisit the craft when I felt that digital technology came of age. Thanks to chrisglass for introducing me to the Sony CyberShotâ„¢ line, as well as so many other things, which have not only enhanced my work, but my life too. (schmoopy gooopy sounds).

As it turns out – I’ve got the client interested in using these “outtakes” for some progressive ad spots in GLBT-specific, (and other bleeding edge), publications. …. Humph.. Who-da-thunk?

Calling it an early day to drop prints and proofs off and go check in on the depressed mojobear who’s at home babysitting the contractor who’s working on our den-to-be. Besides, on such a slow day, if I say at the office, I may be tempted to blog.