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springish cleaning

60 degrees outside yesterday… Opened up the windows and aired the place out.

In nervous preparation for the re-fi appraisal this coming week, I spent most of the day cleaning.

I hate the “appraisal” mindset. On any given day I can look around the house and love it… But when I’m in this headspace all I can see are the things that are wrong… The little bit of water damage on the ceiling by the fireplace. The bad patch job the previous owners did on the dining room wall.. The… (insert long list of nit pick crap here).

Kevin would emerge from the back from his heating pad to throw out suggestions about furniture placement, all of which would invariably make me nervous and defensive. While he’s a natural at business management, shockwave scripting and other very complicated tasks, – interior design is not one of his strong suits.

But…. It’s “OUR” house – and I don’t want to auto-poo-poo every thing that comes out of his mouth. He’s actually had awesome ideas we’ve implemented. (Like moving the master bedroom).

Chad’s more passive about houe-type decisions and I generally have to fish to get what he really thinks out of him.

I just have to keep reminding myself that even though I’ve got the entire house completely designed and done in my own head (all the way down to electrical outlet covers)…. Situations change and other solutions present themselves as time passes… When it’s all finally completely done – I want all three to feel like it was a communal effort.

That said…. “Kevin darling… We’ll be painting an accent wall “burgen-durple” over my dead body.”

Can’t blog about this – ya’ll will think I’m a neurotic control-queen.

taking cover

death to pluto

Meetings all got cancelled on account of the next wave of snow and stuff.

Did a couple of ads…
Put a log on the fire.
Made a few calls….
Put a log on the fire.
Kevin started animating my storyboards…
Put a long on the fire.
Chad started painting what is now the master bedroom.
Put a log on the fire.

I’m a sucker for heavy-handed neutrals. The accent walls are painted now and I’m starting to fret about the secondary color which isn’t up yet because we ran out of light.

That of course didn’t stop me from laying in the bed in the room lit by one can up-light, holding the secondary color up to my face trying to picture what it will look like…

I did this for about a half an hour until the boys came back to tell me I was being neurotic and come back out by the fire.

Evening spent knitting and iChat audio yapping with chrisglass – We’ve made a mission to both get iSight camera and figure out how to video-conference UNO. (this will require multiple decks and a lot of abstract logic).

I won’t blog about it if we figure it out.


not pooping

I’m now certain there’s not much Kevin can’t accomplish.

After two weeks of main-ISP blackout from the work-move fiasco, our broadband has been re-established.

The whole house, as originally conceived, is now wireless allowing me to to go anywhere inside or out.

The icecapades which is our front yard and deck has kept me from testing just what kind of range I can get.

I suppose I’m really sounding like an old fart carrying on about airport technology so much.. But until I can buy my very own heliodisplay, I think this is about the coolest damn consumer-available technology out there. (that and Listerine Stripsâ„¢).

I’m giddy… not blogging.

sleeping with Walt

Superbowl Sunday… I would have forgotten if it wasn’t for our disappointment over the fact that EVERY BAG OF TORTILLA CHIPS was sold-out at the grocery store and we “honestly” had a craving for nachos… Piss.

Nacho jonesing aside, it was our day try and tackle some of the chaos we’ve created by moving the contents of the studio into the house.

While going through the guest room (the catch all storage room) and sorting stacks based on garage sale items, trash items and re-gift items – Kevin blurted out the single most brilliant idea to date:

“Why isn’t THIS our bedroom? And the Master Bedroom become the guest-room / flop room?”

After all… What do you do in a bedroom? Sleep… and well.. (ahem).

The master-bedroom accommodated the king size bed with enough room to roller-skate around it. The guest-room is just big enough for the bed with a comfortable walking space around it and access to the closets… That’s it.

So.. The whole day as was spent swapping the two rooms.

The problem now of course is the then neglected “catch all” room is now our bedroom… This was the nursery room for the home’s previous owners… and the walls are smattered with Walt Disneyâ„¢ characters all lovingly painted by hand.

There’s a part of me that wants to respect the time and love that went into those paintings, but I fear for my subconscious, slumbering beneath Mickey, Donald and friends.

Weather permitting, we’re picking up paint chips tonight.

If I had a blog – I’d encourage color suggestions considering my track record of vacillating and fretting over paint choices.