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mardi gras

Mardi Gras is a big deal for towns with French names.

The tradition pretty much stays the same from year to year – but the weather and the tag-alongs change… This year it was beloved Fagglings: Dustin and Jason.  dustin wearing a very silly hat

Hit JJ’s and have bloody marys while waiting for the Soulard Shuttle.

Took the shuttle – a school buss this time installed with what seemed to be anti-shocks… That or mischevious driver who knew exactly where to  speed up to get folks in the back airborne.

Made a B-Line straight to Janet’s party. (My print vendor of a decade plus who has a huge back yard, a porta-potty, free beer and good cajun inspired eats.

Swam into the masses to find Mikey who was stuck working at the coffee garden’sbeer booth.

Waled back hypnotized by the masses of drunk people… Think people watching on steroids *and* mushrooms.

Pop-in on Matt & Dennis, who used to have a big party, but now just lord over their backyard and leer at the drunk kids stagger by.

Mike working at the Soulard Coffee Garden booth

Return to Janet’s for more eats and socializing around the fire.

Catch the shuttle back to JJ’s… It was rougher on the way back.

Mill about at JJ’s for a round.

Home by 4pm for a huge nap followed by pizza and cheesy sci-fi.


meeting mary

The weather went to hell on Saturday for Mardi Gras….

We stood in the parking lot of JJ’s waiting for the Soulard shuttle in the howling 11 degree winds for about… ummmm… 3 minutes…

This would be the first time in six years that we’d miss the party.

To compensate we just went into the bar where the local bear club was doing their charity bartender thing.

We weren’t the only ones passing on the arctic parade and every passing shuttle cycle brought more wind-burned folks into the bar.

We wound up hanging out a lot longer than we expected we would.

Leery of getting messy drunk – I opted to try drinking the Bloody Mary special they were serving… I’d never drank one before and it had a bunch of food in it so I thought it would be better than drinking the Hurricane stuff.

My theory was somewhat right… While my underwear didn’t wind up in one of the ceiling fans, I still had a slight headache later that night when we got home.

Regardless – I’m now a fan of the Bloody Mary.

We met some new fun folks from out of town… saw old friends… got our shirts talked off… umm… that’s about it

So it wasn’t a total loss… It was still the cathartic outburst and cry for Spring to come that Mardi Gras is….

… well… for us at least.

different deal for Catholics…

which.. oooops..


light weight


I really just scratched the surface of the pics from Mardi Gras… I’ll go through them one night this week and post some more.

We realized as we entered Soulard that this is the closest thing we have to a standing holiday tradition with the three of us…. Haven’t missed a year…

A large part of this is due to the fact we have friends who live down there who’s yards we can duck into to get out of the teaming, bead-throwing, naughty-bits flashing masses.

Not that there isn’t plenty of naughty-bits flashing within the sanctuary of our hosts’ yards either… Oddly – this must have been cock-year… vs. last year when all I seemed to see were boobies….

We hit Janet’s place… then Matt and Dennis’…. Then did a trip around the block…. Then tried to call co-worker Erin… (couldn’t get a cell signal)… Back to Janet’s… Then back to Matt and Dennis’….

We were home by 6pm… or at least so I’m told… Despite staying away from the rum drinks and only drinking beer – I got too tipsy… All I really remember is heading for the shuttle then waking up at 1am naked in bed with one sock on.

So either my body’s just changing and just doesn’t like booze of any kind anymore – or … since I don’t drink like I used to I’m building up a reverse-tolerance (susceptibility)…

you say light-weight… I say cheep-date.


*dial tone*