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fall cleaning and caffeine

I’m out of the gate late this morning and don’t have a lot of time…

Caffeine Revelation:
Caffeine sensitivity must change when you get older… If I drink a pop or coffee (even just one) after 7PM, I can’t get a restful night of sleep.

I had one last night and spent the evening tossing and turning and waking up every 45 minutes… This may have something to do with the Straterra since historically I used to be able to down a double espresso drink and take a nap.

Nonetheless – I wound up staying in bed this morning until the absolute critical last second before having to jump up, shower, get dressed and get into the office.

Got an incredible amount of work done going through those boxes that have been cluttering up the house since we moved in… Now there’s a big pile to go to dad’s basement… and another for what we’ve decided will be a “Haunted Car Port Sale” for next month.

Retail outing for spooky decorations and 25¢ dead mum hunting at the hardware store… (I don’t think they’ve paid more than two bits for any of the mums in the house which are turning into huge bushes at this point).

More thoughts chicken.


odd album coverschad shopping

Up and out of the house early yesterday to head over to my dad’s to help him with a couple of things…. Since it’s right down the street from his place – a Costco trip was in order.

It wasn’t until I was rolling my spoils out to the car that I noticed what a fantastic day it was… Breezy, 68, big puffy clouds in the sky…. I put in Paul’s Boutique, opened the windows and took the long way home.

The boys had just gotten out of bed when I finally came back.

It’s VERY unlike Chad to say he wants something – so when he does finally pipe up and make a request, I’m apt to drop everything and attend to his wishes.

“I want to go to the used record store”

I didn’t need an excuse to go back out in the wonderful weather.

Kevin’s not a music junky and opted to stay home, sip coffee, read and knit.

The Record Exchange is a used record, CD and DVD shop which inhabits a once abandoned, HUGE, 50’s public library. I like to go just to drool on the mid-century modern architecture.

The shop smells like vinyl and old books… Proof positive that even after decades, you can’t get rid of that “library smell”.

The inventory is so vast my eyes usually cross about 1/3 of the way in.

Chad on the other hand couldn’t be happier, and will go through every nook and cranny with a fine tooth comb.

I found a new pass-time while he shops: Look at old vinyl album covers.

It seems I’ve developed a morbid aesthetic fascination with the 1970s.

Spending my formative years in the late 80’s – I’ve always had nothing but distain for the wide-collared 70’s… But lately I find myself looking back at the decade which bore me with endearing eyes.

The unkempt men and the unapologetically slutty women the awkward sense of design. This was the ugly payback from our parent’s socially significant antics of the 60’s beginning to rear it’s head.

Now don’t get me wrong… I’m not going to run out and buy a leisure suit and grow an afro.

I’m not going to blog about this either.

(*cue 70’s porn soundtrack*)

hunter gatherer

ziploc rocks

A quick excursion to go get more fire-logs turned into a multiple-stop adventure yesterday.

Apparently Valentine’s day is the cut-off for most retailers to stop stocking Duraflame logs. Silly really since it’s still cold and the side yard is still an ice-rink.

Target… for kitty poop gravel.
Yarn store – … for yarn … of course.
Lowes – for fire logs… they were out.
Home Depot – for fire logs….. they were out.

Finally we said screw it and went to Costco…

Now – let it be known – you can’t go there for just ONE THING.

Eighty bucks later, the back of the car was full of food which will keep us fed for the coming week.

I’m not the Virgo in the family, but for some strange reason I take a sort of obsessive compulsive glee in breaking up the warehouse-club size packaging and putting things into little ziploc bags and marking them.

I have no clue why this is so fun.

I have no blog either.