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the smaller stuff

At some point in recent history it occurred to me that I should make throwing work into this stuff bucket a more habitual thing… There’s a lot of projects that come across my desk that are “quickies”. Though these types of assignments wouldn’t traditionally be considered portfolio pieces – I really paused when considering the sheer volume of these that I’ve moved through my desktop over the years.my old analog portfolio

There’s a discussion topic launch point right there… how this kind of technology has really changed the nature of “portfolio”… Decades ago portfolio pieces *had* to be precious… My perfectly printed samples encased in plastic and slid into that trusty leather binder… the one I’d gripped white-knucked so many times and schlepped into first-time meetings with a potential client or employer.

I just found that old portfolio in this last move. It’s a perfect time capsule from back to about 2003 which was the last time I made an analog presentation.

I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away… that ole piece of cow hide and I went a lot of places together. I can count the fingernail marks on the spine like rings of a tree… “There’s the ones from the Flieshman Hillard portfolio review…. and there’s the one from that one bank…  and there…”

Oh yeah – about the image. ↑

My old colleague Erin (O’Brien) Wright rang me up from her new job and asked if I could massage a ragged bitmap image their company had cannibalized using CAD to show their company locations. The end destination for the graphic is a large conference room window in their office. The solution (which was actually a little more tedious than you’d think to get to) will install on the glass as three layers of vinyl: 2 on the inside of the glass, 1 on the outside.

boys who like girls who like girls who like….

warrior princess

My Wednesday on… Headed downtown for the usual pop-in / loiter visits at clients.

Most folks were either out or on vacation so I took the afternoon doing some portfolio shots of the structural branding (my new fancy schmancy term for “signs”) I did at the ballroom and cafe.

I’ve got to allocate some time on self-promo this week.

I haven’t heard a peep outa the agency I met with. Over the years I’ve noticed the larger the firm, the slower they are: Paying invoices… Returning emails… etc… I’ve done everything but stand on Leah with both feet to get some sort of insider feedback, but she’s been resisting.

Headed to the bar and worked on their September ad spots and coped a headache buzz on Pinesol fumes.

Then off to the mortgage broker client originally just to steal away behind the building with the smokers of the office and say hello – but turned into an impromptu brianstorming session and quick ad layout. wee.. Something billable.

I think I have a crush on the one lesbian loan officer.

I think I don’t have a blog too.


fending off vertigo

Yesterday was one of those run-to-the four corners of the city days. I had to run into Clayton to take care of some gov. paperwork for my dad. Snooty Clayton is the “county-seat” of Saint Louis – filled with high end restaurants, art galleries and law firms. I generally loathe going there for one reason… PARKING.

On the occasions I have to brave the area – I make it a point to treat myself to a plate of Zuzu’s enchiladas.

The day ended at the ballroom client’s space… But I wasn’t there for the Ballroom people – I was there for the construction / restoration company that owns and manages the building. By way of the ballroom folks, they’ve picked me up as their pet designer. We’ve been trying, for a month now, to get their damn wayfinding system I designed installed. Unfortunately – powertools and monkeybears are a bad mix, so I’m reliant on their maintenance people for the site installs.

Apparently getting subs to show up is a problem even for multi-million dollar construction companies. I’ve been up there three times so far for installs and the maintenance guys haven’t showed.

Needing to clock at least a couple of hours for the day – I helped myself to the supply closet and found a ladder and did one of the sites myself. (the hardware was already installed so all I had to do was put the panels on).

Anyone in “the biz” – check out B&N Industries. They’ve got totally cool, scaleable systems for displays. We used their “cable-mini” system and had them powder-coated locally. The plex panels were fabricated locally as well using vinyl lettering and 3M frost.

*Note – The Apple Store uses their cable system for their front-of-store displays. Endlessly configurable and deliciously minimal.


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