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trippin with robi

pig sprinkles

Up and out to the office early today.

Lunch with mom at The Broadway Oyster Club, a little cajun joint in St. Louis’ equivalent to the French Quarter in New Orleans. Red beans and rice with grilled sausage. mmmmmmmmm. *did I take my cholesterol meds today?

Back to the office where a grumpy mojobear was trying to work on a software project but kept getting distracted by phone calls and random pop ins from needy friends.

Something’s not right. I first thought I was empathetically picking up on Kevin’s mood as I’m apt to do. (I’m a textbook Scorpio). But by the end of the day it seemed more than a contagious funk.

By 7pm I had the chills and my head felt like it was in a pressure cooker. It seems the weather snap has smacked me with a cold.

It’s now some ungodly hour and I’ve got that “speedy funky high” you get when you take over-the-counter cold medication. I’m groggy – but can’t sleep.

Thought I’d make myself a salad but got distracted with Baco-Bit’s new packaging design. Damn you chrisglass for creating this dialogue about the rampant, lame-ass, new re-branding efforts of companies.

But why stop at the package? I say rename those tasty little nitrate-filled-flecks!

I must be hallucinating from the Robitussin because I could swear I’m blogging.