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They seem to take golf carts REALLY serious down where we were staying. I always figured they just sold these things mail-order or out of the back of golf-pro shops…. apparently not.. or at least not in a big golf town like Myrtle Beach.

Right next to the RV store at the front of “the compound” was,… get this… a golf cart dealership. Complete with showroom, repair desk AND accessory mod-shop.

It was just like you’d see at a car dealership… only miniaturized.

Lift-kits,knobby tires and alloy wheels were the most popular mods for these carts… But I also saw some driving around with those little “glow kits” that throw purple light on the pavement below you as you drive. Funny how pop repeats itself.

I personally liked the stripped down rental units with their clean white bodies, vinyl applied numbers in helvetica and a single, simple round mono-headlight… (They just “seemed” more futuristic in a Logan’s Run kinda way to me).

Chad’s folks model is pretty basic – which was just fine…. Sure, we got our share of looking down upon from the post-mid-life crisis guys with their lifted, glow-kit installed, boiler-plate clad, Harley Davidsonâ„¢ limited-edition carts…. But it was hours of fun to pass by these guys and estimate just how small their cocks must be.

“Wow… sorry about your penis.”


“Carry on with Jesus”

(the northern accent throws ’em every time.)


I’m not blogging.


I said I’m hot dogging.


Made it back in one piece on Saturday night. Did the entire trip straight through, but adhering to our “2-hour-shifts” rule this time. Made it a lot easier.

The first few days back after spending a week on a beach is rather dull and distracted – so I’m throwing a few more pics into the scrapbook from the trip because I feel they should be in here.

Like the little wood-paneled shack on Murrells Inlet we found called Prosser’s BBQ…. The cheapest of all the places we found to eat and HANDS DOWN the best. Family style buffet type restaurant with deep south stuff like greens and fried okra on the line… lest I forget, (how could I), the BEST barbecue I’ve EVER stuck in my mouth. (*the same could be arguably said about the fried chicken too.)

Prosser’s is the only place we ate at twice.

Meanwhile, I gotta get to work and figure out what fun I’ve missed last week…

Not blogging – I’m dashing out the door and lamenting what will probably be a full voice mailbox.

r.v. there yet

It’s taken me a few days to get my head around the place we’re staying… (at Chad’s parent’s beach house).

It’s not a condo… It’s not a hotel…. It’s not a campground…. urr… well… sorta. Ocean Lakes is something between trailer park and gated ocean-front community.

Imagine a HUGE, (like it is it’s own little city), RV-Trailer park which has evolved over the decades.

I suspect most home owners in here started like Chad’s folks did years ago when they purchased a trailer…. Time + skyrocketing real estate values over the last twenty years have found most of these folks well leveraged to build something else on their tiny trailer plot.

Cars are discouraged in the “city” – but everyone has golf carts. Our nightly ritual has become fixing ourselves a drink and tooling around on the cart and looking at the house/trailer mods.

Progress is staggered though the complex. Only just a handful of un-modded trailers remain… Most have had these little houses built around them… Some more obviously than others. You can’t tell at all with Chad’s parent’s – they encased and then tore-down the trailer within.

It’s now a cute little two-bedroom house.

The next evolutionary step in this curious little ecosystem of vacation homes are these monstrous 2-story, McMansion-Lite homes on stilts.

Closer down toward the beach where the lots are more valuable, almost all of the old trailer mods have been replaced with these monsters which sell in excess of 600K.

The end result is this very bizarre, vinyl sided Ewok village. (Picture a subdivision of 2000 square foot homes, all about 4 feet from each-other, on alley-wide streets and all 18 feet off the ground.)…

Our end is still pretty much single-story structures…

I’m fighting this urgent feeling that I need to go around and photo document the remaining tailer-mods before they all vanish…. Maybe next trip.

Maybe blog about it?