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one back, one to go.

Cathartic Cleaning Day was a success. Got the house back into the nice order Kevin left it…. Did a bunch of laundry and blew up at my mom.

The mom bit wasn’t as gratifying as cleaning the house – but just as necessary and way more overdue. I’m finally just now starting to learn you can breathe a lot easier if you get stuff off your chest.

I was hoping to escape holiday family dramatics this year – but I guess it’s as common as fruitcakes and caroling.

My family dynamic is easy comparatively. I’ve just got two parents here and a bullying uncle I try to avoid. Unlike Kevin who’s got parents, a brother, a sister, inlaws, uncles and cousins who all converge, (more like collide), at the holidays… “Let the Games Commence!”…

I fetched Kevin from the airport last night at around 8:30PM… Weary from air-travel, fighting with Northwest Airlines to recover his luggage (which never made it to Akron for his entire stay), and from negotiating the complicated emotional landscape which is his family.

As much as I hate being split up – I get high on that look that someone who loves you gives you on reuniting.. A look of complete relief and gratitude.

Pi, his cat, was beginning to show signs of becoming completely despondent in the form of coming to me for affection, which in turn was pissing my cat off.

He hasn’t left Kevin’s side since he got home.

I awoke this morning to find Pi buried in the covers next to Kevin with a smile on his face.

Finally.. I’ve got something in common with that little bastard.

Chad returns this afternoon…. rest assured I won’t blog about it.

slice of pi

cuddly Beast with Hellcat

This morning’s already been crazy. The contractor for the interior work showed up a smidge earlier than I expected and on walk-through discovered he was slated to paint the walls as well as repair and paint the ceiling.

Small problem… I haven’t picked out any paint yet!

So I had to tear outa here this AM before Chad had to take the car to work and pick out some color swatches. Nothing like a little pressure! (shrug) – I always work better under a deadline it seems anyway.

For efficiency and speed’s sake – and to be fair since Notty got his own post yesterday – I threw up a photo of hellcat. (Piawacket) … “Kevin’s” cat.

chrisglass has this cute habit of referring to pets by adjective – rather than names. Notty for example is “White Fluffy Kitty”. He calls Pi, “Darker on the inside kitty”.

The name couldn’t be anymore profound.

I have a love / hate relationship with this booding, temperamental animal. He too has a love/hate relationship with this here brooding and temperamental human. I’ve concluded it’s an Alpha Kitty issue. Pi doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge me as higher on the food chain.

The cat constantly fucks with me…. Kevin swears “I” constantly fuck with it.


It’s my step-child… So – i must deal with him… (Plus I’ve never figured out how to make Pi’s grizzly demise in the microwave look like an accident).

Eeep – the painters back! – I gotta run…

oh yeah – I’m not blogging and stuff.

kitty porn v.2

why does “my” cat have to be the bottom?!

Yesterday was my Wednesday “on”… Ran all over but didn’t really do any actual “work”… it was mostly face-time.

Lunchtime was spent watching the “Bush in 30 Seconds” DVD at a friend’s house. I need to stop watching these types of things. You don’t need to sell me on the idea that Bush is a bad idea… So anything more I take in just winds up making me angry. I’m sick of digesting my own internal organs over the current administration.

I tried the new steak salad at Panera. (it’s nummy – but I could live without the Gorgonzola and it still pales in comparison to the mouth orgasm which is their Asian Chicken Salad).

Danny cut my hair…. I went to happy hour.

I don’t know which is a better indicator of Spring’s arrival. The flowers coming up in the yard, the oak pollen which is making my head feel “off” or the cats – who have been completely acting a fool.

They’ve both been pacing the house, staring out the windows and howling, and the more disturbing trend as of late – having sex on the sofa…

Now I don’t think they’re really having sex per-say… They’re both boys… They’re both fixed… but I guess they didn’t get the memo on that one.

Nonetheless – it’s always disturbing to hear kitty growls emanating from the other room and walk in to see…. THAT going on. I’ve caught myself blushing and verbally saying “Oh… pardon me.” – and leaving the room..

I should simply sit down on the end of the sofa and stare at them with a puzzled expression on my face. Turnabout “IS” fair play you know.

*I’m not blogging.

120 grit

restoring denred dust

Sunday’s visit with chrisglass was wonderful – as expected. Purely one of those low maintenance, totally enriching friendships. He had travel / schnogle buddy “Art” in tow – a devastatingly woofy, yet somewhat socially awkward bear man from Kansas City. Chris assured me that he wasn’t bored by the visit.

We leave for Thanksgiving break to spend the requisite family-face-time up north on Friday. Preparing for these trips always makes me a mess professionally, but since going mobile, my nerves are unusually calm.

Probably venting some anxiety about the impending visit with the carnival which is his family, mojobear got a wild hair and tackled the middle bedroom which is to become our library / study / den. Kevin possesses a focus and intensity for anything he tackles which still after years amazes me. It’s important that the folks you choose to spend your life with have qualities you liken to super powers and keep you in awe.

The nice previous owners had seen fit to paint over the gorgeous wood panels and built ins.
Sky blue and white… Pretty nice hu? It cost me hundreds of dollars to have the paint removed – leaving the sanding and re-staining to our own devices.

Eventually – the room’s closet will become built-in bookshelves, an Eames Lounge Chair will grace the corner and some sort of very simple desk, (and Aeron chair of course) will grace the other.

At last – I’ll have a dedicated place to curl up and read… and not-blog.